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innovative investment palette

OpenAlt’s branding incorporates dark blue, orange, and white, symbolizing the blend of trust, energy, and clarity in their approach to private market investments.


intuitive investment platform

OpenAlt’s website and platform are designed with UX/UI principles to provide an educational, transparent, and efficient experience for investors, emphasizing ease of use and accessibility.

ux / ui solutions

multifaceted platform design

The design of the OpenAlt platform was meticulously crafted to be multifunctional, catering to the diverse needs of its users. With a focus on user experience, the platform features intuitive navigation through various screens and functions, enhancing the investment process with efficiency and clarity. This design approach ensures that OpenAlt remains a user-friendly yet comprehensive investment platform.


exhibition booklets

The booklets designed for OpenAlt are meant to be informative and visually appealing, perfect for exhibitions and presenting their unique platform to a wider audience.


engaging educational outreach

OpenAlt’s marketing efforts include online webinars, email campaigns, and presentation preparations, all focused on educating and engaging potential investors about private market investment opportunities.


promotional creativity

The development of slides and promotional videos for OpenAlt is aimed at capturing the essence of their platform, making complex investment concepts more accessible and appealing.

Viktor Jakovlev brand & website design

Jorka Gahokidze website , ui / ux, print design

Mila Popova website , ui / ux, print design

Roman Ustinov development

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