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engineered precision

From the digital realm to tangible touchpoints like work attire, MK Parts’ branding is a testament to their commitment to quality. The color palette mirrors the reliability of their products, with bold typography standing as a symbol of their industry leadership.


catalog of innovation

MK Parts’ website is a finely tuned catalog of spare parts, each item meticulously categorized for optimal user experience. With an SEO-optimized framework, it stands as a beacon for quality in the marine and industrial engine part market.


corporate catalog craftsmanship

The corporate catalog we designed for MK Parts is a printed manifesto of their premium offering, serving as a comprehensive guide to their extensive product range.


socially engineered

We’ve tailored MK Parts’ social media presence to reflect their position as a key player in the spare parts industry, ensuring their online presence is as robust as their products.


macro elegance

Studio close-up photography captures the exquisite details of MK Parts’ offerings, laying the groundwork for design backgrounds that are as captivating as they are informative.

Viktor Jakovlev brand design

Jorka Gahokidze website design

Roman Ustinov development

Ilya Gritsaev development

Anton Gritsyuk сontent management, QA

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