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elegance in every shade

The harmonious blend of dark and white tones, accented with green, creates a unique visual language for Eumar, emphasizing their innovative approach to design. Bold fonts add a touch of sophistication and modernity.


interactive elegance

Our work for Eumar includes creating attractive renders and a product catalog that showcase their high-quality design solutions. Every element of the site is crafted to highlight the elegance and innovation of Eumar’s products.

ux / ui solutions

dream constructor

The intuitive product configurator we developed for Eumar allows clients to create perfectly sized and styled sinks for their projects, ensuring a unique user experience.


harmony in print

We created an extensive range of print materials for Eumar, including price lists, catalogs, postcards, and brochures, reflecting their style and high design standards.


visual inspiration

The banners we developed for exhibitions, YouTube channel, and social media for Eumar showcase the elegance of their products, attracting audience attention.


beauty in detail

Macro photography of Eumar’s products highlights their finesse and quality, perfectly suited for use in backgrounds and unique design presentations.

Viktor Jakovlev brand & website design

Jorka Gahokidze entire design

Mila Popova entire design

Roman Ustinov development

Sergey Vikulov development

Ilya Gritsaev development

Olga Rodina project management, business analysis

Anton Gritsyuk сontent management, QA

Alina Astapenka QA

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