corporate brand style
& website production

In a world that’s constantly evolving, Boodgrand stands as a beacon of innovation in visual identity creation. We don’t just design; we redefine. Our mission is to craft unique visual identities that not only meet but soar above expectations, sparking conversations and capturing imaginations globally.

architects of your project’s triumph

  • Viktor Jakovlev
    design & brand strategy
  • Roman Ustinov
    web developer & specialist
  • Olga Rodina
    project manager
  • Alexander Chigvintsev
    seo analyst
  • Jorka Gahokidze
    ux/ui design
  • Sergey Vikulov
    web developer
  • Anton Gritsyuk
    qa & content management
  • Leonid Zorin
    digital ads specialist
  • Mila Popova
    junior designer
  • Ilya Gritsaev
    web developer
  • Alina Astapenka